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 Mot Thunderhammer's Battle

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PostSubject: Mot Thunderhammer's Battle   Sun Dec 12, 2010 8:23 pm

The long and forgotten world of Oceatopia and the whole wow is in danger because of the angry soul of Mot Thunderhammer and his siblings in the kingdom:


Match #1 - Nature Oni
Match #2 - Cycloni cyclops
Match #3 - 2 Electric Eels (1500 Health) and 2 Fire Raveneyes (1850 Health)
1st Objective - Light 3 Candles Spread out over The Lower Kingdom (Make sure you grab candles after you light them)
2nd Objective - Go up Underwater Elevator to surface
Match #4 - Father Thunderhammer
3rd Objective - Take Boat Ride to On Surface to Piscean Pyromancers (3500 Health) and collect door key
4th Objective - Unlock door on deserted island
Match #5 - Defeat the Death Leprachauns and unlock door to Mot's Castle
Match #6 - Defeat Mot, Rowan, Jessica, and Chase Thunderhammer
5th Objective - Light Mot's Tower on Fire

(35,000 XP)

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Mot Thunderhammer's Battle
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