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 Jail Cells for store owners?

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Professor Winthrop


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PostSubject: Jail Cells for store owners?   Sun Dec 12, 2010 5:19 pm

The reason that the store owners are in jail cells are because evil "Mot Thunderhammer" came and jailed all of them as an attempt to end world of wizard students from making it to his land and defeating his wretched soul. He is very sinister and very powerful but any wizard student like you can beat him.

Professor Winthrop Neutral
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Headmaster Riggs

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PostSubject: Re: Jail Cells for store owners?   Sun Dec 12, 2010 5:37 pm

I agree with you Professor Winthrop, but the real reason that the store owners in Ghosorep are locked, is because they were regular wizards that got changed into lost souls of the darkness, but then got changed back to wizards and were evil. So for all wizards that have privates and people lying about that Mot Thunderhammer Twisted Evil locked them all up and made then store owners that is wrong.

Sincerely, Headmaster Riggs
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Jail Cells for store owners?
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