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 Details on Malastia

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PostSubject: Details on Malastia   Sun Dec 12, 2010 5:41 pm

Good Guys: Elfs, Fairies

Bad Guys: Ogres, Spiders, Gobblers

Zeke Quest: Find the Leprachans

Abreviation: MA

The “Common” Area: Sycamore Village, It is a village of a lot of sycamore trees and rainbow bridges leading to every area. The shops are little huts made of sycamore branches.

Area 1: Hazelnut Peek
Area 2: Spider Woods
Area 3: Gobblestone Cave
Area 4: Homeland of Ogres (Dungeon)
Area 5: Elf Ridge
Area 6: Prudges Castle: (Has three dungeons inside) Left: Prince Ogregs Vault, Right: Princess Webcatcher’s Village, Middle: Castle of Elves
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Details on Malastia
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