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 Details on Oceatopia

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Headmaster Riggs

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PostSubject: Details on Oceatopia   Sun Dec 12, 2010 5:44 pm

Good Guys: Turtles, Pufferfish, People

Bad Guys: Eels, Sharks, Crabs, Mermaids, Robots

Zekes Quest: Find the Algae

Abreviation: OT

The “Common” Area: The Fishbowl, A large area in the middle of Oceatopia, with a pathway leading to every place there, there are no shops, just the shopkeeper.

Area 1: Pufferfish Alley
Area 2: Cave of Darkness (Dungeon)
Area 3: Crab County
Area 4: The Star District (Dungeon)
Area 5: Eel Canyon
Area 6: Empire of the Bots (Dungeon)
Area 7: Thunder Ridge
Area 8: The Kingdom (Dungeon)

The Kingdom is where Mot Thunderhammer is

Twisted Evil
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Selina Frostbite


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PostSubject: Re: Details on Oceatopia   Sun Dec 12, 2010 8:13 pm

The Kingdom is where the evil mot lives and faces anyone that dares to try.
He has his 3 siblings in the battle at the end of the dungeon. Mot, Jessica, Chase, Rowan.

1. Mot - Storm 10,000
2. Jessica - Life - 7,500
3. Chase - Death - 4,000
4. Rowan - Fire - 2,500

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Details on Oceatopia
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