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 Introduction to Fire

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Cana Flamarian


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PostSubject: Introduction to Fire   Sun Dec 12, 2010 6:02 pm

Hello....I am one of the most best World of Wizard school teachers. My name is Cana Flamarian. The Fire School is very hot and mostly has red, orange and yellow colored spells. Here is a list of my spells

Level 1: Firecat
Level 2: Fire Blade
Level 5: Fire Elf
Level 7: Fire Prism
Level 8: Glacial Shield
Level 10: Sunbird
Level 12: Link
Level 16: Fire Trap
Level 18: Heck Hound
Level 22: Meteor Strike
Level 26: Wyldfire
Level 28: Fire Elemental
Level 33: Phoenix
Level 38: Smoke Screen
Level 42: Helephant
Level 48: Fire Dragon
Level 58: Fire God
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Introduction to Fire
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